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Core Family Values


Family is at the heart of Fabulous Fabrics. Established in 2000, our roots are deeply embedded in a legacy of passion, trust, and shared values. As a family-owned business, integrity, respect, and a collaborative spirit are the cornerstones of our identity. We extend these values to our staff, customers, and the community, creating a warm and inviting space, both in-sore and online. Our amazing repeat customers and long-term staff, many of whom have been with us since inception, are a testament to the importance of these values at Fabulous Fabrics.


Industry Knowledge


With decades of experience across crafting, sewing, retailing and fabric sourcing, our team brings industry leading knowledge to every aspect of the business. From the latest European and Worldwide designs to the intricacies of lace and silks, we stay at the forefront of fashion. Our expertise allows us to curate a collection that reflects not just what's fashionable today, but what will also inspire the creations of tomorrow.


Customer Experience


Elevating your experience is our priority. At Fabulous Fabrics, we understand that every creation is a unique journey. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to guide and assist, ensuring you find the perfect fabric for your vision. We love to help.

Excitingly Fresh and Inspiring Global Fabrics In Stock In Perth

How It All Started

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